We offer a service that integrates fully with your event, bringing style and fun to any occasion


We are perfectly tailored to offer bespoke services which truly make your event individual. Our booth, backgrounds, displays and prints are fully brandable and even props can be themed so that we can offer you a fully unique experience. Everything is possible with Canary! 


We pride ourselves on using the best software in our booths so that you can focus on making great memories. Using state of the art technology, we use leading digital cameras, responsive touch screens and professional instant photo printing to offer stunning imagery with just a touch of the screen. 


We supply a range of fantastic backdrops or curtains with all of our booth hires. They are hand picked to complement your theme, venues and event. We love to use our design skills to create custom backdrops, so if you’re looking for something a little different then get in touch to discuss what magic we can create for you!


Hashtag printing is a special way to print photos directly from your guests phones directly from your event. At Canary we can create an unique event-based hashtag, associated with your event which makes it easy for your guests to easily upload images to Instagram and Twitter.


Want to take it up a notch? Go custom! We love coming up with out of the box ideas that will compliment your event and have your guests excited to jump in the booth!

Choice of prints

At Canary we don't stop giving, which means you can also select from a range of printing templates to create your own unique print. 

The 'Selfie' - A single photo shot taken and printed which can include your theme or branding. 

The Double Strip - Our booth will take 3 or 4 photos (based on design) and then print these as a classic style photostrip which can include your theme or branding. Our state of the art printer cuts automatically a 6x2 print and we give you 2 prints as standard!

The Photo Postcard - Our booth will take 3 photos (based on design) and arrange them on 6x4 print media which can include your theme or branding.

1 large and 3 small - Our booth will take 4 photos and will print 1 large shot and 3 smaller ones on 6x4 print media which means that it's great for corporate events thanks to the extra large space on the print for branding.