At Canary we know what's important. Awesome photos, ridiculous props and to have an amazing time.

With our modern, stylish open-air photobooth experiences, we’ve done the hard work for you!

Fun made simple, done and dusted!


PerFECT experiences

Whether it's a wedding, party, prom, corporate event or branding experience, by providing a truly interactive experience, our photobooth is the perfect way to compliment any occasion or venue. 



Offering your guests the opportunity to leave with a grin and an epic memory of a legendary moment, our slim open-air design lets the whole event get in on the fun! 


lasting QUALITY 

Our cutting edge open-air booths use state of the art touch screen technology to let you share your images instantly. Our mission is to offer you superb digital photos, quality prints that will last for years!


OUR services include



 Our open-air booth boasts a slim design allowing up to 10 guests in front of the lens.

A totally self contained experience packed with top of the range photographic equipment to create stunning studio quality images.



Each 6 x 4 digital print is instantly touch dry and waterproof and at no extra cost can customised for your event!

Go wild with unlimited prints during your hire time (Platinum package), our booths print studio quality images in under 15 seconds.




We’ve made it easy to instantly share your photos, videos and GIFs through our social media enabled booth.

All of your fabulous images are uploaded to our facebook page and secure web gallery so everyone can share, like and download!


Prop Boxes

Our brilllant prop boxes are designed to pack a powerful party punch. Our quirky range of glasses, hats, wigs, masks and props on sticks, always aim to create the funniest moments during your booth hire.



We supply a range of backdrops or curtains with all of our hires. Each are designed to compliment your theme and a variety of venues and events. We also offer custom backdrops at an extra cost for a truly personal touch.


Online Gallery

It’s important to easily download or share selected images, so all of our booth hires include your very own web gallery. You and your guests will be able to view all of the events images within 3 working days of your event.



Everybody loves to feel special, especially when it matters. Our Canary designers take the time to get to know your event, so we can personalise and customise your template theme. This means you get a photo that truly relates to your day!



If you really can't wait for your images to go live, then don't worry, included in the cost of your package (Gold & Platinum), we will supply digital copies of all the photo booth prints. Provided on a USB stick and printable up to 6 x 4 inches. 



We like to make sure you receive a truly personalised memory, providing an amazing guestbook of your events images! We lovingly put together your images and ensure your guests leave messages to accompany their images (Gold & Platinum packages).


Get in touch by using the form below, we just need a little information about your event and we'll get straight back to you!